12 February
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I have lots of interests which don't seem consistent. I'm an eclectic intellectual who has quite varied tastes. I have had a passion for Ovid, Aristotle, rhetoric, Eastern disciplines, and Roman history. I have been a computer geek since before there were PCs. I used to play role playing games (like D&D) for 40 hours a week. I'm a big sci-fi fan. I have been an amateur chemist (thought the feds weren't too happy about that).
I'm deeply committed to life extension and fitness. I practice yoga and lift weights. I like alternative/goth/industrial/EBM music. I love to go dancing. I'm very intelligent and about 1-2 years from my PhD at Carnegie Mellon. I love to cook for myself and other people (being especially good at Italian, Mexican, and Indian cuisines). I am very well schooled in nutritional and herbal supplementation, and I take a variety of things for cognition enhancement, muscle building, and longevity.